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Where do I start? I'm feeling so overwhelmed by the disorganization throughout my house!
Concentrate on one single area at a time.  Even if you work on sorting out one kitchen drawer you will have a sense of accomplishment.  When you see the results of having one drawer organized and efficient, you will be inspired to do another drawer or a closet.  Often, starting is the hardest part!

How can a Professional Organizer help me?
Professional Organizers are trained to help design a system specific to your individual needs and goals.  The organizer can see the big picture and be able to break down the project into manageable segments.  Hiring a professional organizer who understands your goals will result in systems that you can easily maintain so you don't end up back at square one a month down the road.

I always have trouble finding the right outfit to wear no matter what the occasion.  My closets are a disaster!
Statistics show that 80% of what is in our closets we never wear!  A good place to start in your closet is to take everything out and sort it into categories such as Donate-Repair-Trash-Keep.  Do not keep anything that doesn't fit well and make you feel confident when you put it on!  You will save time and energy by having a closet stocked with clothes that work as hard as you do.  The philosophy "Less is more" applies to clothing in your closet.

When I walk into my kitchen after working all day I don't have the energy to cook a healthy dinner when I see the piles of laundry and heaps of paperwork on the counters.  
We hear this complaint all the time!  Because of the fast pace of today's digitally advanced world, we are expected to accomplish more in much less time .  With all of the latest time-saving technology we still can't manage to complete all the daily activities that nourish and sustain us!  Start by having specific zones in your home.  Put all laundry related items in the laundry zone.  Only activities related to food prep and meals are allowed in the central cooking area of your kitchen.  Kids homework can be stored in plastic see through file drawers in a homework zone.  By designating zones for activities, items will not become lost in the jumble of hectic schedules.  
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