Closet Organizing & Design

The Benefits

- Start your day with an organized closet!
- Find what you need quickly.
- Save time and money by not purchasing duplicates.

  1. Have you ever had a dream of how you wanted your organizing project to turn out but felt overwhelmed with how to make that happen? That was us until we found Cathy. We'd had several projects in mind--from a small linen closet that we needed to be more accessible and functional, to a master closet that needed to be designed from scratch. We had a few general ideas of what we wanted the space to look like, but were less clear on how to maximize functionality. In comes Cathy. She's such a pleasure to work with (and didn't mind our cats trying to "help" her while she was taking photos and measurements). She shows up on time and listens attentively to everything you need and want the space to accomplish. She took the stress and worry out of planning and implementation and created a feel and function that we absolutely love. (I cried happy tears when I first saw the completed master closet--it was everything I'd dreamed of and more). That project was such a success that we've had her back several times to design more spaces in our house. Each time the final outcome exceeds our expectations. Her designs have made life easier and more manageable, and given our home a look that we are truly proud of.  
                                                                       Jenn B.
  2. "I had just moved to a new city, started a new job and moved into a smaller home in which all of my belongings would not seem to fit. I was overwhelmed and didn't have the time to devote to getting things organized. However, I desperately needed order in my life and to have a serene home to come home to where I could exhale and relax. Cathy came in, talked to me about my needs and goals, and pretty much took it from there. She came up with great storage solutions, organized my closets, my jewelry, my shoes and my drawers. Together we worked on turning an extra bedroom into a stunning closet where I can now easily see all of my clothes and actually have fun "shopping" in my own closet! Everything is color coordinated- scarves, socks, boots, sweaters, shirts. It's fabulous! And, now I consider Cathy a trusted friend. I will hire her again and again for projects!"
    - Beth H.
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