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- Kitchen & Pantry
- Craft Room
- All Closets
- Basement
- Garage
- Home Office
​- Family & Living Areas



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  1. "Cathy has worked with us for several years, transforming and organizing the rooms, closets and other areas in our home. She is passionate for organizing, with an eye for bringing order to anything and everything. I can honestly say she has elevated our spaces functionally, cosmetically and aesthetically..."
    - Greg and Susan
  2. "Thanks to Cathy, what was once a dark corner of the basement to be avoided at all cost, is now an organized place where I get all of my work done! The idea of cleaning the space was daunting enough, let alone sorting and organizing years of old piles of paper. Thanks to her knowledge and can do attitude, it got done and it’s still working, making my life easier every day."
    - Paul F.
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