Just a few of the ways my team can help...
- Declutter your home and make it shine prior to listing.
- Sort and decide what items will move with you.
- Assist with donating and selling items.
- Organize prior to the packers arriving.
- Unpack and set up in your new home sweet home.



  1. When my aunt was diagnosed with dementia, I was left with the daunting task of cleaning out her house, organizing her paperwork and moving her into an assisted living facility.  I knew that I could not handle this task by myself and cast about for someone to help me.  Cathy came in and really helped organize the situation.  She was able to help me gather together what was needed to move my aunt to assisted living and then she stayed on to sort through thirteen years of clutter in the house.  Her contacts with other agencies were extremely helpful as well.since I also needed help with shredding documents, hauling away bags of trash, donating years of clothing and other items and locating someone to clean the house for the sale.

    Cathy was very professional and did her job well.  I highly recommend her to others in similar situations.  She saved me time (which was money since I own my own business and would have had to turn down work to take care of my aunt's house) and my health.  Ultimately, she made a terrible situation a lot easier to bear. Because of her help in the house, I was able to concentrate on all the paperwork and financial arrangements and the whole transition went a lot more smoothly 
    that I had imagined it would.

    - Carolyn
  2. I have had the privilege of working with Cathy Van Volkenburg in a substantial move. Without her help the ability to downsize from a large home to a condominium would have been near impossible. Not only is she truly a great organizer but she is a wonderful, compassionate and helpful person. I am her cheerleader.
    - Dr. Gordon Gee
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